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Medical file request

Every hospitalized patient has the right to get his medical file from the institution.

Requests are not accepted if they are not accurate and are not emanate from a person authorized to have access to the folder.

Applicants having access to a patient file are:

  • The patient himself UNLESS he/she is minor or adult under guardianship,
  • Person having parental authority UNLESS the minor patient has explicitly declined that the parental authority holders are consulted to give their consent about the medical care ,
  • The guardian,
  • The right-holders of a dead patient ,provided that :

The patient did not explicitly oppose,
The reason for the request is exclusively one of these four :
* Know the death causes,
* Defend the memory of the deceased,
* Assert their rights,
* A physician designated by the patient.

When giving the file (before the sending or during the medical consultation), the applicant's identity must be checked.

  • If the applicant is the patient: copy of the identity card.
  • If the applicant is not the patient himself: He must prove his status as a parent (copy of the family register), or right-holder (official document proving the status) or guardian (document proving this) or doctor (a copy of the registration form in the Medical Association for the current year or a copy of the professional card issued by the Medical Association (double-sided copy) for the physician designated by the applicant.