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Notre métier, c'est votre santé

Nos professionnels


As indicated by the medical secretary of your practitioner, you must go to the center general reception to make your preadmission folder (Preferably when you visit the anesthetist).

Previously, you must have completed the document «Personal Information» issued by the secretary of your practitioner or by the receptionist.

You will give the duly completed form to the polyclinic receptionist. This document is essential

Pre-admission is:

  • Get to know you in order to save administrative data such as your Identity, your personal address, your telephone number...
  • Ensure that your documents, such as the social security certificate, are up to date.
  • Inform you, if needed, to request the support of your insurance fund.
  • Consider all your requirements in terms of accommodation: accompaniment expected, private room.
  • Explain the fees pertaining to your hospitalization featured on the document «Personal Information».
  • Ask you to sign documents (authorization to make a surgery, the person to prevent just in case ...).
  • Designate a trustful person to prevent, and a person to contact for the exit. The receptionist will also specify the required amount. In fact, you will usually be asked to make an advance on costs.

Particular cases:

  • For minors (administratively: less than 18 years): surgery authorization (featured on the document «Personal Information») MUST be signed by the two parents or the legal guardian. In case of absence of a parent, supporting evidence will be required.
  • For protected adults (guardianship or curatorship): surgery authorization (featured on the document «Personal Information») MUST be signed by the legal representative, accompanied by a document proving his « title» as a legal guardian.