• Touristic area "JINEN EL OUEST".
    5000 Monastir, Tunisia.
  • Tél : (+216) 73 524 000
  • Fax : (+216) 73 524 100

Notre métier, c'est votre santé

Nos professionnels


Once accepted, go to the polyclinic general reception. The reception staff will register your entry. As part of the identity monitoring, an ID will be required along with your agreement to insert your photo in our computer system..
Shortly,this simply consits of :

  • Ensure that all the necessary documents have been gathered and saved during pre-admission.
  • Inform you whether we can meet your expectation in terms of particular room.
  • Put your valuable objects in the safety deposit-box (the clinic assumes no liability in case of theft of undeclared money or objects).

The suites are equipped with safe deposit-box.

  • Save the deposit check of 1000 dinars required for any hospitalization.

The reception staff is here to help you and answer all your questions concerning administrative matters throughout your stay. Volunteers and even staff members may also serve as an interpreter during your hospitalization period.