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    5000 Monastir, Tunisia.
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Notre métier, c'est votre santé

Nos professionnels


International Center Carthage Medical offers single and double rooms for different choices.
All the rooms are spacious and meet the international standards of safety and hygiene measures:

  • Area varying between 32m² and 70m²
  • Designed according to the concept of future room of 4 areas (with a seating corner for the medical staff)
  • Hospital plasterboard partitions providing optimal thermal and sound insulation
  • The bathrooms are suitable for persons with limited mobility
  • The room doors (firebreaks 30 min) meet the standards of fire safety
  • The floor covering is made of PVC made for hospitals

For children
For a hospitalized child, this formula is exclusively granted for the mother or the father. This option, along with supplement, is only possible in single rooms and is limited to one companion.

Rooms amenities:

  • A phone
  • A tv
  • Internet access

No valuable objects
For security reasons, we ask you not to bring valuable objects: the clinic assumes no liability for loss or damage