• Touristic area "JINEN EL OUEST".
    5000 Monastir, Tunisia.
  • Tél : (+216) 73 524 000
  • Fax : (+216) 73 524 100

Notre métier, c'est votre santé

About Monastir

Welcome to Monastir!
This coastal town of the Tunisian Sahel is known for relaxing landscapes and charming hotels. The beauty of the Mediterranean sea, the warmth of its inhabitants and the mildness of its climate made Monastir one of the most attractive seaside resorts in Tunisia.

To discover the rich cultural heritage of Monastir, you should visit the old fortress Ribat and different monuments built to honor Habib Bourguiba memory : the mosque, the mausoleum and the museum.


By walking on the Marina Waterfront, you can admire the city and taste the delicious Tunisian cuisine. 
If you enjoy outdoor activities, you will be glad to find out many clubs in Monastir : golf, equitation, scuba-diving etc..



Monastir has good transport services : the international airport Habib Bourguiba which is 10 minutes far from the town center, metro and train station connecting Monastir to many cities, buses and taxis.